Why did my girlfriend break up with me?

She dated this guy who she was with for seven months and he treated her like garbage and never bought or did anything for her. they broke up later after that. So me and her started talking and getting to know each other better, shortly after we started hanging out and soon after we started dating. We went shopping and out to eat and just hung around the house alot, I bought her things and she bought me things. well around the 3rd week of being together, she justs comes out of no where and says she needs space and time for herself, pretty much breaks it off. she tells me we still have a chance but a main reason for breaking up is she still loves her ex and its not fair to me.Well her ex works where she works so is this a bad sign? she won't tet me or call me anymore but still has my pictures on her Facebook. what does this mean?


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  • 1. she still has feelings for the ex of hers, she made it obvious by stating that to you

    2. you need to move on to another girl who isn't emotionally unavailable

    3. if she doesn't appreciate you and wants to replace you, then she doesn't really love you

    4. she broke up with you probably because she thinks she can get back with her ex, don't be the guy that is only second choice

    well good luck with your love life


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  • It means she was using you to feel better after her breakup.. You sound like a nice guy, I think you should give her space and once she realices how good you are she will come back. I dunno, it seems that girls are attracted to bad guys, so just ignore her. It sucks that she gave you hope, just to run away later... it just tells what kind of person she is, maybe you should find someone better.

    • well she is back with her ex I found that out later this evening, so pretty much she did use me to get back at him. I think I should just move on. if he has hurt her once before I'm pretty sure he will do it again even though he says he won't this time. what do you think?

    • I think she will get hurt again... as I said before, girls are kind of attracted to bad guys and they end up regretting it after... I been seeing my ex for 3 years and even tho he never loved me, I was always coming back to him, I was being used as a doll, because I was attracted to him... it took me 3 years to realize that he was an asshole and I finally moved on... you should do the same and I'm sure you will find someone who deserves you, good luck :)

    • is there any chance of her coming back to me?

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  • Hey Man,

    Your in a bad boat. If I were you I would just leave. She is too invested in the jerk instead of you. I don't believe you have to be a jerk to get women, but I think there is a balance between being nice and being a d*** when needed. I think you maybe have been either too nice or maybe not set your intentions out straight with her.

    Good Luck


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