My Ex-Boyfriend Moved on?

My boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me, so I went ahead and moved on. Did my own thing, found what I THOUGHT was a great guy, but that didn't turn out well. It wasn't until my ex would see me out having a fun time without him that he'd start getting a hold of me. And of course, I want him back.. but I won't tell him that since he left me. One night we talked after a night of drinking, and I told him I was seeing someone new, and he told me that he was out on a date before I just saw him that night. He said he was happy for me and we went our separate ways. But the NEXT night (right after me and the other guy didn't work out) he texted me wanting me to come over. He knew I was talking to someone else, so obviously guys want what they can't have. I realized how much I miss him and I'm thinking.. why would he invite ME over when he's talking to someone else? Do I stand a chance against the new girl? What should I do?


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  • i don't think he is seeing someone else, I think he was shocked that you were already dating again so he said that he was on a date right before he saw you! I can't tell you to go over there, kiss and make up! because I have no idea how it ended, but you have to be smart babe, don't go running back to him! give him a hard time before you be in his arms again, men love working to get things and the thing that sucks is that once they get you, they'd let you go again! I hate that but it only happens when you show him that your too into him! play smart, give him a hard time, don't go over there right away, play hard to get, then when you decide its the right time to see him again DONT go to his house, because we all know what's gonna happen, instead go out for coffee and catch up, try to make a real connection before you jump into the sexual part again, don't even kiss him that night! really make his balls turn blue before he gets you lol, that's my trick, hope it works out for you sweety!

    At least you guys get to hang out and he tries to contact u, me and my ex broke up 3 months ago after our 6 year relationship and we never contacted each other, I always hope my phone would ring or that id bump into him because I do miss him (eventhough I DO NOT want him back) he did text me a few times but that was right after our breakup, after that nothing happened, and he was invited to a party that he knew I would be at and he didn't even bother to show up! that left me confused and angry at him, eventhough I have NO right to be! but that's just how I felt... is it because he's trying to get over me? I don't know, the breakup was very painful, we both cried! so I don't know what's going on.. I'm dieing to know what he's upto but I insist on the NO CONTACT rule!

    Anyways.. Goodluck, wish you the best!

    • Thank you so much for your insight! You have no idea how much it helped! And just so you know, I'm so sorry to hear about your ex. But it takes HALF the relationship time to get over that other person, so he has quite awhile before he is even able to move on. My ex was the same way for a month, but practice what you preach until he starts contacting you again. :) HOWEVER, you may have moved on by then! Never give up!

    • knowing that I've helped is like a breath of fresh air I swear! it makes me feel so good inside, I'm glad there's so many people out there like yourself that are so sweet and sensitive.

      i honestly don't think that I will ever have a relationship with him, it was too deep + it was 6 years long so we either get back or never contact each other again! its justt too painful, but I'm going strong, its been 3 months and I'm already casually dating other men! goodluck to both of us, God Bless :) xx

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