Is there a second chance?

my ex girlfriend and I been separated since 08. we have a son together and we were once married, years ago, couple years ago before our son. we always had a on/off relationship. since we broke up she has had 2 relationships over a year each. she recently got back together with her last boyfriend. we always hang out and talk and text all the time. we stay at each others apts and walk around wearing whatever we want. love when she walks around wearing a shirt and panties. recently our son got sick and I called out of work to stay and help her out. she hugged me and kissed me. I took it as a way of her saying thanks but I'm a little confused because we haven't kissed in a long time. what could that mean? she tells me she loves her boyfriend and misses him when they are not together but that she is not sexually satisfied with him. by the way there is no sex between us but when we were together we used to fool around everyday. anyways I spank her all the time and only at times she minds. and I give her back massages all the time and her legs as well. my question is: is she looking to give us another shot at being together? what does it means when she tells me these things or that she kissed me? need help on this one. thank you.


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  • Was it a real kiss or just a peck kiss?

    • on my lips twice.

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    • oh I will to keep everyone up to date. I'm glad you think she's into me. I thought she would walk around like that just to tease me. hey can you email me? your def great advicer.

    • lol yeah she's doing it to tease ya! haha..yeah sure ill send ya a message

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