Ex boyfriend coming back around..Can't figure out why.

My ex and I were in a long distance relationship...We broke up in June, it was a pretty rough breakup. Recently we got in contact again... We have been talking and texting each other everyday since. He surprised me on New Years Eve and came to town. We spent the weekend together catching up, cuddling ( we didn't hook up)

I can't figure out why he's coming around again. He will make comments that he's glad were friends. YET..Hes asking me to come visit in a few weeks. I just don't get it. HELP!


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  • my ex and I were dating long distance as well and it was a rough break up too. you say you broke up in june. did you guys have no contact that whole time? also, who initiated contact? what was the circumstances of the break up?

    im sorry for asking so many questions. its just I guess I'm hoping for the same outcome. with my ex...that he'll evenutally come around.

    • We stopped talking after the breakup. There was no contact until a few weeks ago. I was the one who first contacted him, asking about our cell phone contract. After that, he has been the one initiating calls,texts etc. We broke up because we fought alot, 95% of the time over stupid things.

    • yep, that's how it was for us. fought ALL THE TIME. and at the time, I thought they were important things to me. now looking back, they were mostly stupid. we have nothing to tie us together. no children, no cell phone contract, we didn't live together so no belongings...nothing that would demand we keep in contact. I know his life is better now without me. he has told me and proven it. As far as your question bout y he's coming around. have you threatened to take him off the contract?

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