I'm so confused, do I wait or move on?

I was with my ex for 9 months before we broke up. It was a long-distance relationship, but for the most part we made it work.We were each others first for a lot of things. Once we broke up, I stopped talking to him for 4 months. He made the first move saying he wanted to be friends again.

A mutual guy friend didn't know we were dating but said by the way he treats me you could tell it's not a regular friendship by subtle things" . Another guy friend told me that he broke up with me because of the distance and his mom. I planed on moving for my masters closer to him (never brought it up) and he's supposed to be in town in the next few months for some work related business.

So now I'm confused on what to do. He has broken down before to me during the break-up saying he still loves me and it crushes him (that was 3 months ago).

Would you wait a few months to see what happens? Or just move on to the next guy?


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  • Well what do you want? If you want to give it another go, then go for it... if not, then let go and move on.

    But I highly suggest you not move somewhere just to be with him. If you are going to move to be closer, then you should both move somewhere new together so that one person isn't giving up their life, home, friends, etc. for the other, but instead you both do together.

  • Well are you ready to move on or are you still attached to him? In reality only you can answer that . If it was me I would say 3 months is time enough to let him go but I wouldn't jump to another relationship so soon . Have fun and see what happens .

    • I still love him, but the problem is I can feel another guy trying to get closer to me. I'd move with the relationship with guy #2 once I know it's for sure "over". I feel I'll never see it as "over" until he gets a girlfriend. Is that even healthy?

    • I can understand you but do you think you and guy number one will ever be the same you were before this? Is the long distance relationship you want? Was the reason you guys broke up valid? If you can answer all those questions you will have a clearer idea of what you need to do . Make sure guy number 2 knows about your concerns and see how he deals with that . No guy deserves to make you feel like that .

    • I thinks if we got together again, things would be better. I know where I faulted and what I could've done to make things better.

      I don't want a long-distance relationship forever, but I can deal with it until we are both done.

      Guy #2 was going though the same thing as myself until his girlfriend said they were truly over.

      I guess I have to wait and see a bit longer. Things may change in the next 4 months. Just going to enjoy the single life for now

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