I'm deciding on giving her a 3rd chance?

me and my fiance of a year have split twice, due to her wanting to explore her options. she has never cheated on me, or really treated me wrongly in any way. I'm in another country for a little while, so I understand how hard it is for her. but this time she came back to me literally worse than I have ever seen anyone act before. she is completely depressed and destroyed that she can't be with me. I'm not a huge religious person but I beleive in the power of prayer. I kept telling her I'm not giving her a 3rd chance, and that we can just be friends. she told me she is going to make things right, and that she will stay true to me this time because she know she will lose me completely if anything happens. I have prayed about it, and something keeps telling me she is the one for me and that I need to give her this last chance. I'm following my heart on this one. whenever I think she is not the one for me, something reassures me that she is, and that things will be better this time.

what do you guys think? have any of you had luck with 3rd times a charm? I really do know she is the one


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  • No third chance. There wouldn't even have been a second chance with me. I believe that if someone wants space, then they don't want to be with you


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