How do you move on?? Need a lot of help

I'm newly single but finding it hard 2 let go.. 1 min he's like I love you I want you back.. the next he's like its over for good.. what should I do. How do I move on? how do I let go? HELP! Because I'm sick of all this crying


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  • He's playing games with you and he's an ass for doing that. I know you don't wanna hear it now but he is so not worth it. It's just gonna be back and forth like that until you tell him enough is enough and you're done. Just be strong and end it. Someone better will come along that won't play games with your heart(: Good luck!

  • I"m in the same situation. The reason why we can't fully move on is because the guy keeps giving us hope, he's playing hot and cold. And that's not fair. Best way is to block him from everything and give yourself time

    • i can't even bring myself to doo it.. and its like in my heart I don't wna move on.. I don't wana give up

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