Has anyone ever gotten together after being rejected more than once?

Say this guy really likes this girl and he's sure she likes him

He asks her out and she turns him down

Does anyone know someone or has anyone gotten together after one of the two was rejected?


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  • I wonder the same question but in reverse, has a girl ever gotten rejected and then ended up with the guy! I'm sure it's possible for guys to gain a second/third + chance but not so much for girls. I've seen couples that start in like or love or whatever, then the guy breaks up with her but gives her another chance, but never seen a girl starting off liking a guy and she gets rejected then getting together with him. From experience it seems once a guy has made his mind up about a girl he will not look back or think twice about giving her a chance. Where as girls are more lenient and will give a guy a second chance.


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  • My friend was really good friends with this guy, but he liked her as more than a friend. He ended up asking her out at least 3 times, and every time she rejected him. Eventually he persuaded her to give them a go, and now they've been going out for over a year and are the cutest couple I know. I guess it won't happen for everyone, and this could just be an exception, but I hope this helped :)

  • Yes ...:D

    it happens ...or it happened to me ...the boy just need to work on his "strategy"

    • How many times was he rejected?

    • Like ...4 times..or 5

    • Well that makes me feel better :)

      I've been rejected by this girl but I think she liked me and was just tired of waiting so she got with someone else :/

  • Yeah that definitely happens.

    It happened to me...I swear sometimes guys just need to sort their head out and get used to the idea of commitment.

    In a way it was a blessing because we knew each other really well before we went out because of it and we're closer then ever and going strong after 2 years.

    • how many times did you turn him down?

    • About 3 or 4 times...hope that helps :)

    • It does :)

      Look at my recent questions and its the same girl and I just don't know what to do :/

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