Should I text him or not?

Yesterday me and my boyfriend were texting for a while and I send the last text. It was about 1 am and he never replied I assumed he went to sleep and send him a text saying I was going to bed too and good night. It's 2 pm and he hasn't texted me yet, is he sleeping or ignoring me? Should I text him good morning?


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  • Let it switch from time to time, by that I mean that sometimes you could text him, sometimes he should text you.. Never expect him to respond, just send him a text that includes him in your day.. Something like "good morning" at 2pm? Why not just send: "Good afternoon" or "I just burnt my breakfast, you gonna come save me or what? lol"

    The Four Agreements: link

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • hah I don't want to be clingy I would hate it if someone is clingy with me and I don't want him to feel as if he HAS to text me or something. I guess I will send him a little text though thank you :)

    • Clingy = When you don't ever set down the phone.. Imagine someone texting: "Morning" "Hi" "hey" "HELLO!?" "Haha are you there yet" "Omg are you ever gonna respond".. etc and the opposite person NEVER responds.. That's clingy.

      Clingy = When you live attached to the other person; not when you make a reason for you guys to interact during your day.. The egg example I thought was pretty good for explaining the "reason to interact" etc.. It's fun because he could tease you: "What do I get ;P" etc.

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