Is it a bad idea to take relationship advice from your ex?

recently the guy I had a crush on started to like me. he's really good looking and he texts me all the time. he treats me right and is a real gentlemen but sometimes its too much. I love compliments but sometimes I need a guy to be a little mean. he is starting to get very annoying. some days I like him and others I don't. he got me a necklace for my birthday but we didn't even know each other for that long. he ims my friends and my ex told me that the boy talks about me a lot to his friend. my ex told me to end it and he helped me do that .. he told me I should give back the necklace too as a matter of fact he wants to give it back for me .. should I listen to him ?


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  • Hell no you shouldn't listen to him. Your ex is jealous. Period. Things couldn't work out between you two and he doesn't want it to work out for you and someone else. It's a pride thing. If it works out with you and this new guy, then that's like saying that this new guy is better than your ex. That's how he views it. So of coarse he helped you to end it. And he wants to give this necklace back as to put the message across to this guy "Look. You can have this back. Oh, and by the way...I won this round". Don't give him that satisfaction. And if this guy treats you really nice, then you need to give him a chance. Let him know about the things that you need from him and the things that he does that bother you. Help him to help you.


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