I don't know what to do. Do I need to get over him?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up a few weeks before school started, and we've talked like 3 times since. And off and on through out this school year I've been having random episodes where I just cry and feel the pain that I felt the day we broke up. Today, this episode was different. I felt the pain from the break up and now, plain numbness. I don't know what to do. Our mutual friend told me that he's been loner-ish lately and has been really quiet. And then we started talking about what happened with our relationship. She told me she was going to see what she could do to see what he thought of me and just stuff along those lines. But its been months since we broke up, well like 4 months... Should I move on, or should I maybe see if I can win him back? I love this boy so much):


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  • *hugs* Don't feel bad :)

    Before you do anything please please please think of what you really want in life, and what you really want in a relationship. My concern is that both of you are young, you guys haven't started college, and practically speaking, things are very uncertain. Moreover, I don't know whether he's the sort of guy who is willing to commit and spend his time in a relationship as he gets into college (it's easy to say now that "oh I'll do this and that". but the reality is you must always give allowance that they may change their mind in the future).

    If say you feel that there's a lot of uncertainties in the future, stay as mutual friends because in that way, you give yourself an opportunity to consider him as one of the possible partner in the future (not expecting definiteness but keeping your options open) as well as better guys. You'll be open to more insights in life, gain more exposure and learn more things about life as you grow older.

    Feel free to type if you need anymore help. Put yourself first and think about what you want before him, but be mature and practical with your thoughts. x


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  • If you truly love him, you should be with him. However, the fact that you are asking for advise means you still have doubts. It's a risk, but dating is about getting to know what you need and what you can give. Another go, might not be a bad idea to get clarification. Good luck.


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  • I think if you care about him as much as you think then you owe it to yourself to talk to him YOURSELF and see if things can be worked out. If he doesn't want to work things out then you'll at least get more closure then what you started with. But remember, you're young. There's going to be plenty of boys who will come and go from your life. Some are going to make you feel this way but you just need to remember that everyone goes through heartbreak, its all a part of life and only helps us become stronger people and learn from things. If things are meant to be then they will work themselves out.


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