Ever thought you've gotten over someone... only to find our you're kidding yourself?

How did it happen and how did you deal with it. I'm not so much looking for advice. I just want to hear people's experiences on it.


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  • Most definitely. In fact, that's what I'm going through now and what I usually do after every serious break up. I just have my ups and downs and days where I'm totally over it then the next day I'm crying again. It just comes and goes for me. And, even when the pain goes away, I still want them back. And right now, if the guy came back, I keep telling myself I would tell him no, but inside I really know that I would take him back in a heartbeat. I don't really think there's anything to do about this except give it time, which is what I'm trying to do.

    • I see, I guess it helps if your come to terms with what you're feeling. That only comes after a lot of thinking and reflection. By then you would know for sure if you still want to see this guy or not... that's my two cents :D.

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  • i think the gods of love are trying to show me something?

    like, I turn on the TV and EVERYTHING reminds me of him.

    i see his name in my science textbook? (a guy who invented

    something like 500 years ago) songs that are EXACTLY

    about him, it drives me crazy. and I promised myself

    i would avoid him and stop talking to him, but he always

    talks to me first and I can't ignore him.

    especially because he always makes me laugh.


    • Yea I know what you're saying. Except its me making some stupid joke and pretending like nothing happened.

    • but nothing happened with me and him, I just HAVE to get over him

      cause I know what's best for me.. I know he's gonna hurt me.


  • Yes! It happens to me ALL the time. I liked this guy and things just didn't work out in the end, he ended up being an asshole. And over the holidays when I didn't have to see him I was positive I was over him, but then I saw him again and started liking him again, realizing that I was SO not over him.

  • A boy I really liked went out with another girl after I was sure he liked me (100% sure). Only because he was sure she liked him but wasn't sure if I did. He told me about it and when he went away I cried. Cried that weekend, and then 4 months later when the memory confronted me again, while we didn't talk to each other. I also started doing the whole rebound flirting thing in front of him for revenge, and boy did it work. The whole time I thought I was over him, even when we became friends again. Then one day I found out he had been dumped and everything came back. Doesn't matter because we're going out now, and it turns out he liked me more the whole time anyway. I'll never understand that. Or forget it.

  • Yeah...been there, done that. Going through that now actually. I think I'm over him, yet I'm constantly on the look out for him signing onto to chat. ugh. I hate myself

    • Yea so been there lol. Sometimes they're like the reason you get up in the morning (corny.. yes) but even that fades away eventually.

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  • I'm going through the same thing right now as well. I dated a girl for 2 years. Then got back together over the summer and broke up again. I have tried moving on and I keep telling myself that I have, but I am always tempted to call or text her, and see if she is on facebook and stuff. No matter what, I always go back to her; which sucks a lot. Yeah I love her, but I know it's not going to happen. I try hard not to think about it.

    • I sort of get what you're saying. Trying not to think about sort of backfires in my experience. I can't really stop thinking about it until I decide once and all if I want to go out with this girl or not. Girl trouble sucks :P

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