Why is he acting this way?!?! please help!

Okay so there's this guy I know, and I've liked him for quite some time now. We have always been somewhat on & off, but we have never officially dated. Its been a little bit more than a year since we were last "together" (we didn't label it)...and recently, him & his current girlfriend broke up. He got in contact with me a few days ago, while on xbox with his friends (haha), and then twice the next day. Then today while he was with all of his friends & he saw me, he made it a point to loudly say hello to me and smile. A little while ago, I started a convo with him, but he had just woken up from a nap, and the convo ended...nothing too special. I just really want to know your take on this, because he always comes back to me, and I know we have a connection that can't compare to that of anyone else. Also, what should I do?



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  • He definitely has to have a thing for you, if he keeps coming back to you..he's probably scared...you could be the one girl he really cares about and just doesn't know what to do. If things don't work out, try going to Spain...I hear there's a hot guy "Fernando" wanting your number. GET IT GIRL.


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