What’s this mean; we should go our separate ways for now?

long story short; we had a great arrangement of fun..
then out of the blue she freaked out and started pushing me away.

I know she has a lot of emotional baggage. I put up with being pushed away for like 6weeks where a month I just let her do her thing and rarely contacted her...

then we agreed to keep it casual; I’m like fine but she was wanting the perks of me filling that void of boyfriend but only when she wanted. Ie hanging out on her terms do the whole dating without any physical stuff etc.

i took a stance on that because I believe once things are casual it’s just sex nothing more plus there was this massive communication issue where she’d freeze up or lock me out when things got about us.
I raised my issue and got “for now I think we should go our separate ways”

obviously i I need to move on but why would she throw in a for now as like some sort of disclaimer...


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What Girls Said 1

  • Like you said, she just wanted you when she needed someone and when she was find she dumped you. She sounded kind of bi polar to me.


What Guys Said 1

  • It didn't happen out of the blue; you just didn't see it coming. It was planned and thought out on her side.
    She's leaving the door open to come back if her new arrangement doesn't work out. You're a back up plan

    • 2d

      I should mention she freaked out because she felt fat to comfortable around me 🙄.
      Yeah well I guess I just made my stand as I deserve better than that bs.

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