Would you play it safe and say yes, or would you just let her go?

Guys, say you liked this girl a lot but you weren't sure that you wanted to get into a relationship with her. If she texted you and said something along the lines of, "Let's be honest: Am I ever going to see you again?" would you answer her honestly? Or would you get defensive? Let's operate under the assumption that you don't know whether you want to see her again or not. Would you play it safe and say yes, or would you just let her go?


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  • If I liked her a lot but wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship?

    Yeah I'd probably say yes. What's the harm in seeing them again? I'm strong enough to say what I want and are able to say if I want a relationship or not so I wouldn't have a problem hanging out with them again. I would just make sure to let them know that I wasn't looking for one. I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings though so I'd make it very clear as early as possible that I was not looking for a relationship.

    • But the thing is this guy keeps saying we're going to meet soon, and whenever I present a possible time he says he can't do it then, but once again, we'll meet soon. What do you make of that? I'm wondering what his reaction is going to be if I text him and ask him straight out if this is ever going to come to fruition. I don't want him to get defensive and give me the wrong answer. All I want is the truth.

    • I understand your situation. But I couldn't tell ya if he was just putting it off or really was busy. But it sounds like the first one. I don't think you really have any other option but to ask him the big question. I guess the most you can make of it is to ask him in such a way where he won't feel cornered in an answer. I'm sorry I can't give that great of advice but I know for a fact that it depends on what kind of person he is. I don't think you can't do a whole lot of your current situation.

    • Thanks. That's basically what I was thinking too. Honestly, he is very busy (I know this for a fact). It IS hard for him to see me. I just think that he doesn't know what he wants and is therefore too wary of jumping into something he's not ready for. I don't mind waiting, but I don't want to invest time and be hurt in the end either.

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  • I'd probably say yea. You never know plus I got to keep my options open


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