Ex starts talking about your past relationship?

whats it mean when your ex all a sudden starts talking about your past relationship and getting into detail about things, also coming out and talking about things that really hurt him.. and how much he cared and did for me and so on you get the picture

does that mean he's wanting me back?


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  • He may want you back, or he may want some other form of validation out of you. If you're the one who broke it off, he may want some sign that you're remorseful to restore his ego. If he broke it off, he may want some sort of re-enforcement of his sense of control over your relationship.

    A better question to ask might be why you're concerned about it. Do you want him back? Do you want him to want you back? Will discussing these things help you move on? If you want to be with him, the current status of your relationship will only build resentment between you which will hurt you in the long run - work it out together, as a team. If you don't want to be with him, your only prolonging the effects of the breakup and chasing away any potential new men (though single time is probably best). My advice: forget about his lamentations, break communications, and focus on yourself for a while.


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  • Yes I thinks he wants you back,

    Now its all depends on you, do you want him back :D

    Good Luck


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  • More info please

    How long were you together?

    How long have you been broke up?

    Who broke up with who?

    Has there been anyone else since?

    So I can get my head around it and try and help.


    • Together for 3 years I was always the one who broke it off... we been split up for about a year now but that was because of me,he was still trying to be with me... I hurt him bad in the past and been trying to get him back for the last 9 months and I was always the one to talk about us but lastnight when he came over he did and got deep into it

    • I say yes then. He is trying to get back with you. He's more than likely talking about how you were and the past, because he's trying to tell you that if you got back he would want things to change.

      He's trying to tell you how he feels and how he felt about it, listen, and if you really do want him back make sure you make it work and not let it end up like before. Listen to each other, together you will then solve it.

    • thank you! :)

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