How to let my ex boyfriend know that I miss him so much? help please!

Me and my ex went out for 4 months, through a long distance relationship... I think he did love me because he spent so much money just to come up and see me! I fell head over heels for this guy even though we would have a frustrated moments with each other we still loved each other... because we were actually just frustrated at our situation of being so far away all the time:( he broke it off with me.. even though I understand its probably the right thing considering I'm still young and have yet to experience other relationships (I'm 19 and he's 25)... but the fact of the matter is is that I miss and love him so much... this is my first break up and its devastating... he suggested we take 3 months of no contact at all, so that we can have time to disconnect (I even unfriended him on facebook and his other friends and siblings).. but before these 3 months began he sent me this text.."if we lived closer we would be good and we are just friends for now, never know what will happen in the future"... its been a week since I've talked to him last... and its hard not to want to call him or text him or anything... I want him to know that I love and miss him so much... what should I do? should I email him to see how he's doing? any advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm new to the break up scene so I could really use help to mend a broken heart! Thanks..
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How to let my ex boyfriend know that I miss him so much? help please!
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