How do I know if my ex is in a rebound relationship?

I was with my ex over 4 years. We broke up over a year ago. We have always stayed in contact, with him initiating 95% of the time. He got a girlfriend a few months ago, but didn't tell me. When I found out, he said he got tired of being alone & he thought I moved on. I was talking to a new guy for a while which I told my ex about, but he was never my boyfriend. I still had feelings for my ex. My ex says he still loves & misses me. How do I know if this is a rebound?


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  • this is a rebound

    • thanx for your answer...This is one of his close girl friends so I'm not sure...but I still thought it might be...considering he's never givin up talkin to me..even when I've been a really mean bitch! & now he has a girlfriend & acts as if he doesn't give a damn..I'd like us to work it out one day...whenever he gets himself out of this situation..thanx again

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