How to get him to break up with his girlfriend?

So this guy and I pretty much just met, he told my friend I was pretty, we flirt a ton, and every time we talk our conversations (not one on one, we haven't started that) seem to turn into.. naughty conversations.

But he has a girlfriend, that of which almost /sounds/ like a tease. He is always saying how she is a good "Christian" and probably won't have sex until he loves her. He just sounds a bit.. dragged down by her but not completely unhappy.

I know this sounds selfish, but I want him for myself (all of us want this at some point). So do you guys have any advice? What are some things I can say to help my image in his mind early on?


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  • This is a common problem, finding someone that likes you and you like them, but they have someone else.

    From a outside perspective I would say, remain as friends until he has decided to break up with his current girlfriend. I am sure there are reasons while he is still with her. It could destroy and really hurt her, and I am sure you do not want that lying with you.

    Stay close to this boy but do not attempt to break them up using words or putting her down, she is probably a very nice person.

    From a inside perspective (which I can only relate to), it is very very very hard to think logically when you care for someone and they are with someone else. I know it is hard not to attempt to sabotage their relationship, but it will be for the best in the long run.


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  • Just a heads up all he wants from you is sex...

    • Then it seems him and I are on the same page. XD

    • I see. I think you should give him an ultimatum then, you or her. And hope he chooses you.

What Girls Said 4

  • How about the leaving him alone option. No one should interfere with another's relationship. And if he really wanted you, then he would have broken up with his girlfriend by now. To be honest, he doesn't even sound like a good guy...he's talking to another girl with sexual intentions and seems like he only wants sex.

  • how about you leave him alone, seems like all he wants is sex someone to use, find an avalible guy!

  • If you know he has a girlfriend then why are you still tryna get with him? I could understand if you didn't know he had a girlfriend but ya know, karma is a b*tch. And if he wanted to be with you then he wouldn't still be with her. Honestly if I was his girlfriend, I would probably find you, cuss you out, and make sure you never saw him again.

    By trying to steal him away, you're coming across as a home wrecking wh*re. Don't make that reputation for yourself. Just remove yourself from this situation and find a single guy. That way, no one gets hurt.

  • You can back off. If he wanted to be with you, he would have broken up with her. If he wants to end the relationship, he will. If he liked you more than her, he'd be with you.

    It's not your place to break them up, just because he "sounds a bit dragged down" doesn't mean he is, he could be perfectly happy. How would you feel if you found out some girl wanted your boyfriend for herself? I bet you'd be pissed, and heartbroken if she did get him. If you do anything to ruin their relationship, in my opinion, you're a first class bitch. It sounds selfish because it IS selfish, when is ruining a relationship because you want someone NOT selfish?


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