How did your separation/divorce affect you?

I’m recently separated from my husband (was also diagnosed with cancer the same week I moved out!!). But it got me thinking, how did your separation affect you - both short term (1-6-12 month) and longer term.

Interested in hearing from both men and women 🙂


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  • What a lot of people don't understand is; divorce isn't the disease. It's the cure for the disease. Of course it's sad when something doesn't work out, but what's much more sad to me.. is when people DON'T opt for the cure, and just choose to stay miserable. Yeah, that's a great idea.
    So if you have hopes of getting back together, then the separation is a good thing. But if you're DONE, then the separation is just postponing the inevitable. I hated the separation, but I loved the divorce. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I'm sure I'll get a 100 downvotes,, but I don't give two shits about that. You didn't ask the question because you wanted bullshit answers, so I gave it to you straight. (sorry to hear about his cancer)

    • No it’s my cancer, not his.

      Yea I’m feeling ok about it all, but I have bad days too. I don’t know if I’ll feel any different once I’m divorced - I guess even though we’re separated right now, I’m his wife still. But once the divorce goes through then that’s it

    • It's hard to understand what you're going through, unless we know who's idea the divorce was.
      That changes the whole thing.

    • It was me really, I wanted the divorce. But turned out he did too. But I didn’t want the cancer - cancer sucks

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  • Well to be perfectly honest. I'm doing great. Its been about 3 months. I feel better. Have started getting back to doing things I love. There are still moments that it seems weird or I wonder about if things had been different. All in all I am confident that it was the right choice and I'm looking forward to the future


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  • A 'thank god' moment for sure. What a fucking cunt.

    I moved out of a 6K square foot mansion on timbered acreage in the rolling foothills into an 800sq ft apartment with two girls. Like a pig in shit. :)

    • But you are still ok 🙂 so that’s the main thing

    • Beyond okay. A 25 year marriage, 3 kids successfully raised, and they'r all doing very well thank you. :)
      On the 5-year plan to retire. Move to a quiet low-cost state and build a new house.

      This forum is just for fun. Poor kids are clueless. LOL

    • Haha sometimes I feel clueless and I really have no excuse!!! Good luck with the retirement plans w

  • I hope u beat that cancer much love and support. I may not know you but I send my best wishes. Also it sucks to go through this as I have myself.

  • Was married 7 months to my first wife, caught her cheating with the same guy she dumped to go with me and marry me. it hurt a lot i drank pretty heavy for awhile. Than I found someone else

    • Sorry you ended up at the bottom of a bottle but good to hear things picked up for you x

    • well my late wife who passed away in Feb this year we were married 37 years.

    • Aw I’m so sorry to hear that!!! 💔

      What happened? x

  • Damn. Are you okay? My friend has prostate cancer and went into remission but others aren't so lucky.

  • Greatest day of my life then the bill came

  • Just here for the single women.

  • After my anger settled down, I began to feel some relief. True, some things around the house were more difficult. But with my newfound freedom and not having to deal with her anymore, I slowly realized that it was probably a good thing.

  • I was very depressed for at least a year since I was losing so much

    • It’s hard isn’t it. Regardless of what has happened and who’s at fault, it’s tough to come to terms with moving on x

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    • I think all are tough now, you really have to put yourself out there. Wishing you the best of luck xx

    • Thanks, I hope everything works out ok for you too

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