My ex of 7 years keeps calling me

Okay last September My ex broke up with me. At first he didn't call me at all then all of a sudden this last few days he has been calling me. He called me last night told me he still loved me. He said he wanted to get back together with me. I was with him for 7 years and I have never got over him at least not yet. I was seeing this guy for the last year and he knew about him. My ex knew about him he said he wanted us all to be friends.

Now my ex called me the other day said he and his girlfriend had been broken up now for a month supposedly. Then when I called him this morning (like a dumb ass) he tells me that she came over there late last night and they stayed up all night and talked and got back together.

My question is does he really still love me and care about me or is he just trying to screw with his girlfriend? Oh he was sleeping with her while he was still with me and she convinced him that she was pregnant with his daughter. She has 4 other kids. So I don't know what to think I know that I am feeling like I did the morning he told me we were done and he had another girlfriend. I really love him and miss him so much now I just want to know if he is just being an asshole and playing with me or if there is a chance that he does want me back?
My ex of 7 years keeps calling me
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