I sent him a I miss you fb message ?

me and my ex boyfriend broke up about a month ago from a year relationship he lives 23 hours away and it was just time to not be together. he deleted me off bbm cause he thought it'd be better for us. I realize the little things that people do and I realize he unliked everyting he ever liked on my fb he deleted every comment and everything.

i sent him a message saying I don't care if you delete me or don't reply but I miss you, like a lot and I think that if you know that maybe I'll be able to not miss you anymore and get over you. and I just thought you should know I'm not dating anyone if you saw that on my fb its a joke. I don't know why I'm telling you this but I hope now that I sent this I won't miss you.

what would you do if your ex sent you this ?


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  • I would just ignore it. I mean its only going to stir up trouble again for you guys if he did reply, he is doing the thing that you should be doing, and that is moving on without contact. Do the same and you will find its a lot easier when you have chosen to do it yourself, not just because you're being ignored. Good luck.


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