What are some ways to get over an ex?

Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks:)


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  • cut all contacts and call him and tell him you never want to see him ever again, and this is real good bye.

    then go and date a ton of guys.

    that's what I did. seriously, it helped a bit.

    then I got married.

    I still think of him from time to time though. My husband isn't anything compared to the intense love I felt for my first love. I loved him from the age of 16-22 and still deep in my heart feel love for him. some times at night when I am alone I say outloud his name and that I love him :(

    oh wells, life goes on. Just try to be happy with what you got.

    plus when I called him, he said he only saw me as a friend and he wouldn't return the love. I knew though that he loved me. Anyways... he is still single and not married and living the same o same o life I use to live in that small town. *sigh* but life moves on... time can help some, just try to have the most fun you can and hopefully new loves come to your life

    good luck


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  • i'd say binge into the emotions and let hem all surface instead of trying to numb them and suppress them. If you suppress them they'll stay there forever in my view. I don't say you'll forget him, but I'd say exploring all there is will help deal with it in the healthiest way. my 2 cents;)

    • ha, of course...while giving yourself the time to grieve for his loss, build your life without him.. hobbies, new friends, lovers etc

    • I agree with Carlo. Let your emotions out - just throw everything at your girlfriends to process. After this pick yourself up and focus on other things in life - fitness, studies, career, etc.

  • get a new hobby


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  • Best thing is time to be honest.. I know it sounds lame and it sucks because were all very impatient but that's the first thing I'd advise.. Also keep yourself busy so you don't have time to sit and think about him.


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