How do you tell your ex you want them back? And to dump their current girlfriend which you think he has?

What's the best way to tell your ex boyfriend you want him back. That he should dump his current girlfriend for me again?

I haven't talked to him for 3 months and all of a sudden he contacted me which was odd asked how I was doing etc.

started talking and said we could get together soon. And maybe do things together as well.

supposively he has a girlfriend but I don't know if its a joke or for show to get me jealous per say.

how do I tell him to loose her and get back with me.

that everything will be great with us again to trust me and just date m,e again.

on another note. his relationship with the new girl is deffinatly a rebound. he started dating her probly not even a month after us. she is ugly as hell and I don't know why he would even consider her. he doesn't seem to even barely see her or care.
when I asked he had told me the relationship was on and off. wich is weird but I figured. I think they will break up soon and why is he with her in the first place if he want to have sex with me and cheat? if they are really together. so confused help


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  • first off, it sounds like you were the one who dumped him.

    & that now you are upset that he rebounded to someone else faster than you did.

    and if he was trying to make you clearly worked lol

    if that's the messed up. badly. & honestly I don't think you deserve getting back with him.

    but I'll help you out anyways.

    maybe he really does just want to be friends with you. honestly, I doubt that though. from how you described what's going on, I would say that there's a really good chance that he's still into you.

    but then again..its 3 months. maybe he just wants to shove it in your face & make you feel sh**y that he already got another girlfriend..& been with her for 3 months and is happy. while you're still single and still think about him.

    but if you want him back..just suck up your pride and tell him you made a mistake, and that you still have feelings for him. pick a moment when he's off-guard & you'll probably hear what you want to hear.

    i don't suggest this as much, because it's more immature & sh**ty for him..but you could try it if you really wanted. Just hang out with him once. keep it friendly. don't show him that you are interested in being more than friends, but at the same time, flirt with him a little (just with talking and body touching.) only a little bit though. just enough to make him curious & make his brain start over analyzing. then let him make the first move. after that, its pretty much settled.

    a combination of both of those is going to bring him back to you for sure 100%. if not..then you were totally wrong & he doesn't want to get back with you at all.

    • he was the one that did the breakup. needed time for himself saw each other to much. it doesn't seem that he's into her tho he has told me their relationship is on and off wich doesn't sound to great to me and doesn't seem like he sees her too much or even cares. but then again I don't know. I guess all I can do is wait and see hhow it plays out. if we hang out I can either a like you said tell him striaght up and see what he has to say or b act like this all doesn't faze me and see how he acts as

    • well. I'm not sure. but it does seem like there is still something there and maybe he is just trying to play and see how its a;l going to pan out in the end. I still feel that somewhere down the road if its not now. whenever it may be that we wnd up back together but thatrs just me. I always have hopes. but thank you for the advice ill see where this all takes me

    • if you guy"s were meant to be will happen.

      i think you are better off finding another guy to be honest.

      by the time you find someone else that you like being around even more than him

      you won't care anymore.

      because honestly, there is no point dwelling on someone that isn't

  • I don't know, and you don't know. And what if he really is into her. (How weird would that be right?) But you have to face that there is no good way to ask for him back. Risk ruining his respect for you by talking to him while he's in a relationship or wait until their eventual break-up and talk to him then. If they don't break up then you'd be doing the right thing by letting him go.


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