Should I give him a second chance?

i met my boyfriend in college, we were doing the same program in the same classes but never really talked much, he'd see me sitting by my self sometime and come by and tease that he was gonna marry me but that was all in our second year we began talking as friends until he told me he liked me and I did him as well. we went out met his friends and fam and he did mine. Everything seemed to be going so well he called everyday, texted, even surprised me at home sometimes. But things started going down hill wen he switch college to somewhere closer to him we tried to work with it although it was a little hard at times but after a while his calling everyday went to once a week, then to once in a while and if he called he'd just say hi and if I was OK and that was it, it was like I had to beg him to talk to me. he still came by at times when he could and I would go to him if he couldn't make it but even that stopped and if I suggested going by him he'd say no he doesn't want me to go out my way which was never an issue... after a while I broke it off with him but he keeps calling and talking like we are still together and he says that he still plans on marrying me and stuff like that but then he tries to hide his feeling if I laughing or something. he's my first boyfriend which makes it difficult for me to let go so I'm a little confused and he seems like he won't stop, I see his ex writing on his fb profile saying things like "kisses to my baby", he had stop letting me use his phone saying am searching it (but nothing should be wrong if he doesn't have any thing to hide right?). But now he seems to want a second change an am not sure if I should or just let it go and move on
i still love him because we clicked so well, there was nothing we couldn't talk about, he told me everything even if it hurt but I like the fact that he was honest.


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  • he obviously was only honest when he wanted to be, when it didn't affect him. don't give him a second chance, it's not love, it's lust. as you said it will be hard, let go, ignore, move on.


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