Do all guys come back?

My ex dumped me 6 months ago. I think I still miss him. I haven't spoken or begged for him back. We ended with him not being happy? but it was very random and sudden dump over the phone after 2 years. Just curious cause I've been so down. Like I'm not good enough.


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  • No why would they?
    Why he dumped you he must had a good reason so why on earth would he come back.

    And don't be thinking bad of yourself cause it's probably something else, and you will always be good enough for someone and then you will always be everything for someone in this world.

    • The only reason I ask is because I witnessed all my friends ex boyfriends come back and they got back together and out of all the relationships mine was the one that lasted and had the least problems so when he left i was confused and then as I'm going through the healing process all my friends are back in their old relationships. So i guess maybe I'm just jealous or annoyed.

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    • @designer1 thank you so much you have been so helpful you have no idea

    • No problem!

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  • Don’t wait for him. If he ended it he most likely won’t return. You’ll find someone who appreciates you better in time. I know how hard it is tho. I basically had a very similar experience. I dated this guy for like 2 years and he dumped me for the last time over the phone, however the difference is he was an asshole who put me through a ton of shit towards the end. Even so it took me basically up until a month ago to get completely over him and he broke up with me in March. It takes a shit ton of time... trust me. Gove yourself more time because six months, believe it or not, is still fresh for a breakup of a two year relationship.

    • Thank you, I am so happy that you were able to move on. For that process seems almost impossible for me at the moment. I just find my self still obsessing over what happened (to myself because i haven't spoken to him or told him anything) and i feel like it just makes me crazy.

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    • Some people are cruel. You learn that fast in this world apparently. Ik... it really stings. Sometimes I still feel it stinging me in my chest bc the one person you trusted could hurt you that much. It’s a scary and hurtful thing to think about but u just gotta hold onto the belief that some people are worth the effort. Some people suck but others will treat you right. This guy that ur speaking of is apparently in the pool of guys who suck. I know ur upset but the only thing that’ll truly make u heal is time.

    • He defiantly sucks. I guess what the hardest was during the break up and healing process is he had such a stable group of friends that were there for him where i was having friend problems so was healing alone while he was out partying and hanging out every night. It was so hard for me to know how terrible he treated me and all his friends make him look like he was such a great guy. It just sucks to think that the person that thinks there better off without u seems to be doing better than you.

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  • 'I still miss him' ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • i know, i grossed myself out typing that.

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    • Good for you, you are strong well done.

    • thank you!

  • Do exes come back?

    Definitely, absolutely, possibly... maybe.

    • Sometimes, yes. Other times, no.

      Live your life. They're exes anyway. Don't get caught up on them.

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    • My point is: sometimes, they do, and sometimes, they don't.

      You can't get caught up on them. They're exes. Live your life whether they're in it or not.

    • i wish that was as easy as it sounds some days i feel that way and then there's those times late at night where i wish someone was with me or late night talking to me but thats the only person i think of wanting to do it with.

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