Ex wanted to get back with me..now he's changed his mind again!

My ex came back asking to get back together, things were good for a while then out of nowhere he told me he wasn't sure if a serious relationship was right for him at the moment. then I found out that he's been hanging out with another ex of his (more like a f*** buddy) of his that caused a lot of drama for him in the past...yet why does he hang out with her still when I'm the one he says he cares for and is "marriage material"? Also I know she's hoping for a relationship with him but is playing the FWB card...meanwhile she doesn't have much self-respect and does raunchy things to get attention...do you think he would ever take her seriously and is aware of her true intentions?


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  • I think he's trying to get at two girls at once.

    • like one is the good girl and the other is the bad?

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