How to win back my ex-boyfriend?

He didn't give me a reason for breaking up except for him wanting to see other people. If that's the case, I don't know why he wouldn't want to continue dating me if he said nothing was wrong with me in the first place... Help?


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  • Its simple ms...its called immaturity altogether. If there was nothing wrong and yet he decided to split its because he does'nt know what he wants, what he had, and what he might never have again. I am not saying he's a bad person but just the way he thinks...i don't know it makes me question him one way or another. You seem like a good girl, all I can tell you is that "Time" believe it or not is your best friend. Let time be...because remember some people learn, and some people learn the hard way, good luck ms.

    • if there's nothing wrong with her but he doesn't want to be with her. he knows what he wants, its just he thought it was her but realized it wasnt. she needs to move on, honestly

    • True yet to not give her a reason to break up? Yeah that sure says a lot about how cool one may be or not. It is his choice no doubt but just the way he did really gives a negative vibe about his way of doing things with a girl...and then another one...and another one so to speak.

    • If he knows what HE wants why didn't he just say what he WANTS? instead of saying nothing is wrong with her Dave?

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  • I've dated a guy that said the same thing to me before aswell. If he wants to see other people, what can you do? I'd cut contact and start seeing other people

  • Just tell him you want to know for closure your not trying to figure out if you need to work on something bout yourself for another guy once he know there can be another guy he won't like it


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