Guys, is there something I can do to let him know I’m interested in something more?

We flirt constantly, but he hasn't got the courage to ask. Is there something I can do to let him know I'm interested?


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  • ok say this.

    "we should do something together someday"

    if he says yeah, say this

    "maybe we could hang out at the park and get ice cream or find a theater and see something"

    if he say yeah again, say this

    "here my number. call me so we can go set something up"

    and if he says "no" or "i don't know" or makes an excuse or is hesitant with is answer, he's not that into you.



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  • maybe hint that you want to go out

    say things like, I really want to see that movie, I just need someone to see it with me...

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