Will she message me back?

So I told this girl that I like her and she said she just wants to be friends we did talk like everyday by texting but since I told her 2 days ago we did not talk since I told her that I like her.

So do I just wait for her to text me ?

I wonder If I ever pop up in her mind at all each day I can't get over her..


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  • That happened with me a guy told me he just wanted to be friends. It was kinda weird at first knowing that he knew I liked him. But then we started talking again and we became closer and closer. We are just friends but I still like him. And if she doesn't text you you can always say it's her lost not yours. Atleast you tried Besides there are tons of girls in this world you just have to go out and find the right one. Hope I helped

    • Yea its been 2 days so I will wait and see if she will text me. I'm hoping she will change her mind.

    • If your a good guy then I bet she will.

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