Should I invite my exes on my wedding day?

after I broke or they broke up first and always came back after a while and want to be friends with me. They said they still care about me and value our friendship very much. So I have about 5 ex-es like that. my current fiance is just a normal guy, not as cool as them but he's always there for me. should I invite them?


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  • I would, Show them what they are missing out on, what they could have had.

  • "...not as cool as them but he's always there for me." I stopped myself from ranting about that statement.

    No, don't invite your exes. That's just awkward. And given you think your exes are "cooler" than your fiance, it'd just be a sh*tty thing to do.

    • thanks for the good adive. Sorry I didn't mean to rant, It was just they're really cool guys, who went to HBS, pilot , working in movie or music industry. we broke up because they're too cool, they have good jobs and travel alot... while my fiance is just a normal guy but nice and enough for me (I'm normal girl)

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