My ex acts like I broke up with HIM!

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago, long story.

Any way, by the way he acts towards me it's like I broke up with him. He says stuff like "i don't want you to let me go" and texts me asking to meet him out (he hasn't done that in over a month though) but he tells people he misses me. I'm on NC with him so if I see him, I just ignore him. He came over to me and my friends and said to my friend "I'm going out tonight, I'm gonna get so drunk, it's gonna be so crazy at this party, I'm gonna have such a awesome night" and kept going on about stuff he is going to do and has done, it felt like he was doing it to tell ME what he'd been doing

And it's like, he'd never of done that before... but he's doing it cos I'm there. It's weird. Has any experienced anything like this? To me he's acting in a way that a dumpee would act, I don't get it


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  • to make you feel like the bad person just be like yeah I broke up with you for this reason and see what he says

    • but he broke up with me, he knew I didn't want to break up

    • i know guys have this way of turning the problem on the girl to get there self of scott free

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