Ex boyfriend mixed signals - I want him back!!

okay, so I dated this guy for over 3 years and he was madly in love with me.. even after I broke it off he couldn't seem to let go of me. He hasn't dated any other girls, hooked up or anything involving girls, well to come out and say this will be hard but I've grown up a lot and learned from my mistakes to admit to them, I cheated on him, had left him for other guys, and treated him not so great at times.. its been a little over a year since the break up was made but, we would still talk everyday and I think he still believed we were still together in a way.9 months ago he left for PA school in Alabama, and I think the new environment, people, plus studying almost all day has gotten him over me, he no longer hurts, needs me... nothing well I finally woke up and realized this is the man for me I made such a huge mistake and took someone so special to me for granted and these whole 9 months I had been trying to make it up to him crying, pouring my heart out, expressing my feelings, telling him how I can prove ill be different well to say the least none of that worked, and we kept going back and forth we'd stop talking for a couple days then it got to a week, a couple weeks and now even though we talk he can go days without talking to me, I'm so confused I don't know how to get him back to having to talk to me it drives me crazy, his answers slowly got worse through out the 9 months first it was I still love you I just need time to get over everything and I do wanna try it again, then to I don't know if I can try it again I want to but I still hurt, and now to I don't think ill be able to get over it, maybe in the future ...i don't understand what this truly means I think its excuses. I just want to know if its smart to text him back when he texts me I don't want to be rude but I need something to wake him up! and make him realize man this girl really has changed and she's been trying so hard to be back with me and all I'm doing is pushing her away now but how? he still comes and see's me when he comes in and brings me to movies and just treats me like we're dating! he'll just come over to sit and talk for hours, when we are together its the exact same he's just different when we're apart please help


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  • girls always want what they can't have aye? You screwed up, paid your time of regretment, now you need to move on.


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