I want my life back, I want my reputation back. I never saw this coming from her.

I am usually the guy that helps others through breakups, and relationship problems. Now it feels like I don't know what to to. I have never felt this way before. I dated my best friend. We never fought before, viewed life and the future the same way, wanted the same things, loved doing the same things. After we started dating, she showed a jealous side. I thought it was kind of cute at first, and that it was temporary. Well I wound up losing my license for 6 months, and she wanted me to move in with her. I did, bad idea I know, but we had known each other a very long time so I thought it might be OK. It wasn't. She became very jealous, and controlling. To the extremes. Like to the point of screaming at me at 1 am when I was trying to sleep because a female friend had posted on my wall for my birthday, or accusing me of looking at every girl that was on the street while driving, going through my phone, snapping on me for having female friends. It got to the point where I felt like I was walking on eggshells all the time, wondering If she was going to snap. But I loved her, and her family, and did my best to avoid conflict. She would kick me out at 2am, and then want me to comeback and talk an hour later. She would say its over, change her mind an hour later. I didn't realize how much all the little things added up and chipped away my self image and esteem till after we split, after we got into a fight and I fought back for the first time. When we split, she called me everything you could imagine, called me down in every way possible. And in reality, I had no where to go after we split. I didn't have a license (get it back soon) and had lost contact with most of my friends because she always had to be with me and I just gave up on a social life because it was less stressful to not have one than to have one. So I had to start over. I used to be a super confident guy with a huge social circle. After we split, she went to all my old friends she thought were losers as she told me, and befriended a bunch of them, and hooked up with a few of them. She befriended my old female friends she was jealous of and tried to get some of them to pick between me or her. She spread rumors about me, cried to people and told them I cheated, and that I always picked fights. She also got into coke the day after we split, even texted me at 2 am a couple of times looking for it. She turned into a girl who only seemed to want to see me want to feel pain, I even tried to reconcile with her a few times, she would always just pick fights, and call me down more. Seriously, I'm not a vengeful person but this bitch needs to be put in her place. I want my life back, I want my reputation back. I never saw this coming from her. I have a lot of ideas, but was just wondering if anyone else had any? What would be my best move to put this girl in her place? Or at least end this sh*t? I don't want to move to a new town and start over because of one little psycho...

Is this one of those girls that Is going to continue trying to f*** with my life after I'm doing great again? I want to know if any other guys have experienced this before...


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  • Tell your friends that you didn't do all the things she accused you of. And if they seem unsure tell them :"Well you can believe what you want, but just know I AM telling the truth." Because you already said to them your not doing those things. And if she continues doing that, don't care about it. She's obviously doing that to get your attention. Thinking she'll some how get you back by lying. Just try to continue your life like the way it was, showing that her stupidity doesn't bother you. Start talking to your friends again. As if she never happened. But if she still does it, ask her what she plans on achieving from it. That no matter what she does/say doesn't affect you, it just proves she's being childish seeking attention. Playing "Innocent".


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