The end of a 7 year itch?

I have been with my guy for a little over 7 years. For the last 2.5yrs or more, I have been unhappy in the relationship. I have tried these past couple years to do anything and everything I can to make it work, but I have not been successful. I have tried numerous times to talk to him about why I am not happy and all he ever does is say "yeah yeah, OK ok ok., I get it, I'm sorry" etc., then things change for the better for a week or two and then it goes back to the same old crap as before.

We have a child involved and I fear that if I leave, it will destroy her emotionally. Have I given a long enough go of it to try and make it work? How can I tell him I can't do this anymore? If I do manage to muster up the nerve to end it, it will mean some big changes for a period of time until I get adjusted and on my feet again. It's been so long, I need to re-learn to be me again..kinda.


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  • If you haven't ben happy for 2.5 years then it's time to end the relationship. Yes it may be hard on your child, but staying in an unhealthy relationship is not the best course of action.

  • what is he doing that makes it so hard?

    • There is no affection, communication, the sex is not desirable. He is more into cars, car shows, car magazine' cars cars. I try to talk to him but he never wants to talk as he is non-confrontational at all. Although I am capable of handling my own, he doesn't stick up for me when his friends are talking poorly of me. He took our kid into the mall and left me outside dealing with two grown men in a confrontation.

    • If I have a bad day at work or something, his response is "Well, it's not my fault, what do you want me to do about it". I just feel like we are roomates who share a bed.

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