My boyfriend broke up with me, but contacting me?

my ex and I had been together 1.5 years, when he broke up with me. we had been doing long distance, but that was coming to end in one month. out of the blue a week before he was to come visit me, he called and said after me prompting him, that he didn't see a future with me. I asked if he wanted to break up he said no, and that he still loved me. a week later when he got here he broke up with me, and couldn't give me a real explanation. we only saw each other a few times over Xmas, but were in contact pretty regularly with texting/emails. every time we met, I was a little angry towards him due to the way he handled the break-up. anyways the other night I brought some stuff over to his house, he put on a movie, and it was nice just chilling out with him on the bed, getting along. it ended up getting really late, and I asked if I could sleep over. it didn't seem like a problem as we were getting along so well. out of the blue he starts kissing me, and we ended up sleeping together. I knew it didn't mean we were getting back together, but in the morning instead of talking to me about it, he just kinda acted cold, and distant. when I tried to talk to him about it, he started getting really defensive, and angry. when I asked him why he would initiate that with me, knowing I still had feelings for him, he said it was an impulse. as I was crying he continued to be mad at me, and when I asked him to stop contacting me he said he didn't understand why. my question is, why is he acting like this? I felt like a piece of crap in the morning, he made me feel so cheap and used. how can he go from loving me in a month to treating me like this?


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  • People grieve differently. For me it can be a flick of a switch to turn off the emotions. Especially if I feel that I was dealt something shady. I like rational decisions and sometimes pull away from a situation to remain objective. I have given a woman advice even though it was contrary to what I wanted personally.


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