Why does my ex boyfriend get jealous?

He always asks about my love life, and he said if I liked someone at work and I didn't answer and then spent ages trying to work out who. Anyway, he always brings him up going "hows your bf?" and I replied "there's no on on the scene don't worry" and he changed the subject.

I was also out, and I kissed someone (which I know was bad, especially as he was there) and he texted me saying "oh well done ;) x" He then started texting me the next day going "you're a right slut aren't you?" and I said what is your problem? are you jealous? and he said no, just curious, I don't care at all.

What's going on with him? :S


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  • Well he probably does care what your doing and is jealous .It seems like he's just being a jerk and maybe getting a little sick pleasure out of making you squirm. As a person if I don't care what someone is doing then I don't ask pretty simple.Next time he asks tell him that maybe he should stick to his own life and not worry about what your doing.

  • how does he get jealous?

    • he always asks about my love life, and he said if I liked anyone and I didn't reply and spent ages trying to find out who it was. He also saw me kissing someone else and text me "YES THEN ;) X" and then "tounge deep?". The next day he spoke to me and then mentioned the guy and asked how he was :S

    • what's wrong with him being interested in your life? it doesn't sound jealous.

    • unless he sounded angry.

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