Does this make any sense?

Is it me or a typical guy thing? So the story is about my friend, he said that his girlfriend once told him that she said she once thought about cheating on him.. he didn't find that so bad but I did.. to me I'm thinking "hey if you're thinking it you might as well do it because all it takes is a thought".. is it just me or what?


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  • You can think about it and act on it, or know it's wrong, not act on it, and tell your significant other because it matters to you that you be honest to each other.

    Although it hurts to hear that kind of thing, I think it's a good thing to be able to communicate doubts/fears/frustration in the relationship to initiate discussion. It shows you care for the other person and that you're willing to make the relationship work, not just run off and cheat like it doesn't matter.

  • eh... Why would you think about cheating on someone your care about? if my boyfriend said that to me I would be ike "yeh f*** you" etc.. maybe that's just me though


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