Am I being unreasonable?

OK I need to get this off my chest before I end up screaming I've been with my partner for almost a year I have 3 children my oldest 2 are not his but the youngest is now during my pregnancy we had a few teething problems and I found that my trusting him was how shall I say put to the test. I'll explain!

his best friend is female she is also his ex now I never had a problem with that until he started lying to me and when I confronted him he said he only lied because he didn't want the hassle and he didn't want to hurt me, I explained to him that lying to me has hurt me more then him talking to his friend.

anyway before I had our child he told me that his friend no longer wanted to be friends with him as he was going to be a father and as much as that pleased me I felt sorry for him as this person is supposed to be his best friend now I bet a lot of you reading this are thinking that I'm jealous and possessive but I know that this woman in of no threat to me are my relationship but the thing is I really really really really HATE this woman with a passion I never thought possible I'm not by nature a violent woman but I find myself wanting to smack her one as I can see what she is doing my partner won't hear from her for weeks at a time even if he sends her texts she won't reply and when she dose it's only cause she wants summit.

now do you think I'm being unreasonable I don't want them talking but I would never say it to him as its not me but should I be pissed at him are am I justified in my loathing for this woman who has made me feel insecure when I never have before what should I do cause I have no idea


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  • if she's not a threat, what's the problem?

    • i can't explain it and I wish to god I could I've never reacted this way to a person I've never met before and I don't think it would be a problem if he hadn't lied to me about her in the first place cause the way I think is that if it's innocent then why lie.

    • maybe you should try to make friends with her.

    • lol I've suggested that to my partner and he said she wouldn't like as I'm not her type of person and to be honest I don't want anything to do with her as I can't stand her and I know I'm judging her but that's how I feel

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  • ur not being unreasonable at all... your boyfriend is an idiot... he has no balls when it comes to his ex... he is a sucker- she knows it, and it won't change until he gets tired of being 'her fool'.

    • that will never happen it's like he is a different person at times he will be who he thinks his friend wants him to be and then he will be who I thinks I want him to be it's like he won't let go of the past and she don't help either as I think she needs to step away and cut all ties and I hate myself for thinking that

    • I say you need to step away from him... all he is gonna do is cause you pain... he is a moron... don't you be one by staying with this clown.

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  • "I bet a lot of you reading this are thinking that I'm jelouse and possesive but I know that this woman in of no threat to me are my relationship"

    "am I justified in my loathing for this woman who has made me feel insucure"

    That's a little contradictory. Ok, a lot contradictory..

    Sounds like you do think she's a threat. I thought you were going to say you hated her because she's messing with your boyfriend's feelings by not calling and then calling, but you say it's because she makes you feel insecure.

    I think you just need to sit down and have a rational and honest conversation with your boyfriend about it - you two need to figure out how to work it out together.


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