Keeping pictures of your ex?

One of my ex boyfriends has some of my senior pictures, and refused to give them back when we broke up. He's also got pictures of his other exes as well. When I asked about it, he said it was just for "memories." I wasn't a fan of the idea, but he assured me that he didn't have feelings for his exes.

So I was wondering, do you keep pictures/gifts from your ex, and if so, why?

Would you get rid of them if it bothered the person you're currently with?


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  • I think it would depend. There are some girls that I was interested in, that rejected me, and I told myself I didn't want to keep anything that reminded me of them or I wouldn't be able to move on. That said, it wasn't that I stopped talking to them altogether and deleted them off facebook and stuff. In fact we remained good friends til we departed ways from them graduating and such. There were other friends though that I wasn't bothered too much by rejection... it was more of an oh well... type feeling. I still have pics and such from facebook but I don't really go to check them and such. It doesn't bother me, and I don't relive moments in the past when I do see the pics. If it did bother the person I'm with... I'd probably get rid of them, simply because I've moved on and I don't need the pictures to remember old friends. Up until now that I'm answering this question, I don't even remember the last time I thought of the girls I was once interested in.

    I guess it comes down to whether or not it will affect you and you can manage to move on without it holding onto you. Did you guys break up on bad terms? If not, maybe he genuinely just wants memories of the good times?


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  • I have pictures of my exes. At first I kept them for memories and to look at, kind of like using a nicotine patch instead of quitting cold turkey. But as time passed and I started new relationships I actually forgot I had them. The only reason I haven't thrown them out is because I tend not to throw out anything of my past that was important to me.

    As for the second question, I'd get rid of them if she wanted, but I wouldn't look kindly upon her for wanting to get rid of them, if that makes sense. In my situation, it's not as if I'm visiting my photo albums daily, weeping over former loves. I think it all depends on how and why the pictures are viewed. If your ex is caught one day with all the pictures out and he's day dreaming about days gone by, then by all means his current girlfriend should ask him to get rid of them no matter how many times he claims he doesn't have feelings for his exes. But if he's got them in a box in the back of the garage, then he should be able to keep them.

  • one thing guys like doing is keeping memories (pics // tel #'s // email addy's// ect.)

    not that their still into them but if something came up(gf dumped him type thing) and needed to talk . can a guy have an ex that he's still friends with yes but its rare. (a mutual agreed seperation under friendly conditions can happen that's why there rare)

    its sometimes also that guys may even play (NOTE TERM PLAY) the game (NOTE TERM GAME) called "what if" I'm sure girls do the same at times .

    what if I hadn't of cheated(for example) on that one girl she was great and I was stupid for doing it would I still be with her type questions. obviously the guy will most likely know the girl in question wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft pole knowing that he cheated on her . so I think your pretty safe there.

    will he get rid of it probably not because to him it holds at least some sentamental value even if just for memories sake. if he had a class yearbook with your pic in it would you demand he get rid of the yearbook ?

    • A yearbook and personal pictures are two different things.

  • I keep some. It's just for memories. I have a pic of the first girl I fell in love with, she's in her underwear holding a card saying she loves me. It's just meaningful. Was special to me that someone would do that. I have NO feelings for her. I don't like looking at her imagine much anymore. But it's always special because of how amazing it was once.

    I would probably lie about getting rid of them. I wouldn't expect a girl to ask me to delete them. That's out of line. Or for her to understand. Only exception would be if this girl was the love of my life and I was spending the rest of my life with her. Then I would do it for her.


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  • I don't have pictures of my exes. I find that really weird." His memories" sound more like a ego boost to me. It would bother me if I was with someone who did this

  • I don't have pics of my ex or passed crushes, but I kept at least one thing from them. Like a movie ticket or a random note. Only if they were significant, like if I learned something from them or if I had had strong feelings at the time. To me they are just memories. Not my present feelings or wants. I do it because I want to be able to look back when I'm older and think, " aw that was sweet of him." or " I remember that day!"or, "he wasn't worth it, it was silly of me to cry back then!"

    If my boyfriend asked me to get rid of them I would be a little shocked. Why would past people matter if I am with them? But I would probably just explain why I keep them.

  • I have pictures of my two exs. I never look at them, but I tend to believe that they were a part of my life (one 3 & half years and the other 6 months) and so I don't want to throw those memories away. Maybe one day I might get the urge to look at them, but it would be with no real feeling, other than just looking back at a certain period of my life... Just memories.

    I wouldn't get rid of them if a partner asked because I'm not throwing away the memories of a certain part of my life and I would expect my partner to respect that. I would be sensitive to their feelings though and not like rub the pictures in their face... I'd only look at them on my own... That's if I ever do! lol They're just there as memories if I ever fancy having a browse through them, nothing more...


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