Should I give her another chance? or should I just forget this girl

When I met her in my class, she was friendly and flirty and giggled when I flirted with her, everything went well and I have seen her looking at me but there is a big but, she was quiet disrespectful towards me: She would call on her cell phone when we were talking, second when I met her again she ignored me and left with some guy on my face when I was trying to talk to her in public, everybody looked at me like who, she has given me dirty looks and what not and when I have tried to talk to her she just has brushed me off. So I just ignored her because I though was really rude.

Just recently though she has been acting more shy and submissive, and she has smiled at me as well, the other day she got really close to me and we touched arms I know she wanted me to talk to her, but I just ignored her, so she looked really embarrassed, sad or frustrated.

Now however because I ignored her, I know she is mad at me.

What should I do, should I give her a chance? But I don't know if I can get over what she did.

sorry I want to clarify something, because I have ignored her before and that time that she approached and I have also played my part confusing her just out of spite I know she is mad at me...sorry I wanted to have a taste of her own medicine.


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  • Try and talking to her and see if she even wants to hear from you


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