How to move on from an ex?

PLEASE HELP D: My ex(who I dumped btw) just got a new girlfriend and he's basically flaunting it in my face and it's pissing me off like no other. I tried talking to him cause I thought it would give me "closure" in a way, but it only made me madder. How can I forget about this and just move on and leave all this sh*t behind? Please help

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Thanks guys, great answers :)


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  • i had an ex he didn't dumped me am 17 and he is 21. we had a relationship last year for basically 4 months and b4 that we were friendz for 2 yrs. he loved me very much but becoz of stress I broke up. I make him feel like hell he came like evryday till 3 months 2 hours away his city is and I always ignored him to make him feel that I moved on. I acted stupid and now I feel that y I did I decised not to cry anymore for him on the 31st since it was the begginin of the new yr.

    i moved on! I don't really get into crying or missing or getting guilty for what I did since I know uts my believe that somwhere insisde my heart he is still there and we will b bcak someday he moved to uk after we bro up and changed his email address and cell phone number.

    but to keep him out of mind made me feel like hellll! its the hrdest thing to do,jus whenver you think abt him jus divert your mind into something you like do some stuff that makes you happy I use to chat with friendz and stuff. that really made me focus on somethin else so try that.

    if you hav any further questions regarding my past or any thing you wanna know abt,feel free to message I will happy to help. because I know how hard it is since I've been through this so I will b happy to hear frm u.

    good luck. :)


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  • If you dumped him why does it bother you he has a new girlfriend, even if he is flaunting her in your face ignore him, you letting him succeed in getting to you. His just being childish. Forget him.


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  • My first boyfriend did the same thing to me in high school, after he dumped me for no reason. I just completely ignored them and tried to avoid them. I tried to focus on school work instead, that's heaps more important than any guy

  • How I got over my ex, is by not thinking about him. He did what your ex did, try to make me jealous of his new girlfriend. If you think about it..there really is no need to get angry. He's obviously doing that on purpose, and by giving him the reaction he wants he's just getting happy. I got over my ex by not thinking about him (though at that time it seemed are not too, but if you really try it does work), going out with friends (girls night out), and meeting new people when I felt that I am ready. I also changed myself, no in a bad way, but after being in a long relationship with him, I felt disgusted being the same me, so I cutted my hair and dyed it. That seemed to help me better. Its as if he never happened in my life now. Of course you don't have to change yourself lol, I just felt that I had too.

    Who cares if he has a new girlfriend, freshen yourself up and soon enough, its like he never happened.


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