Let's take a play at reality :)

I'm not cocky when I say I am a good man with many of the qualities any decent woman wants. I keep a tidy house and appearance, balance finances and time well. I can find time to do almost anything I want to at the cost of sleep and I don't mind working 90 hours in a week to save money for retirement and to spoil someone. **spoiling myself is less fun**

Why do I see women and girls walking beside men and boys who have only 1 thing on their mind and will treat the woman unfaithfully and brutally? Furthermore why do they only see me as something to cry or vent onto?

In the end I wonder; "are they worth it?" and I feel like laughing and saying no.


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  • Aren't you a bit young to have given up completely?

    • I could be, but can an 18 year-old marry a 90 year old? :)

      More to the point; this doesn't answer my question.

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    • Thanks :)

    • Happy to help! :)

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  • 1.you're not 'selling' yourself right

    See,in our society,each of us is seen as a product and you have the control in how you sell yourself.You give all too soon and just to get atention,so you're taken for granted.If you would be more carefull to whom you open to , you'd be protected from those who just want to get advantage of and determine people around you to 'offer' before they 'get'.

    2.you're searching in the wrong places

    stop searching for models,stop believing in appearances.Not all girls are like that.Make a virtual portret (moral and physical) of a girl you like and search her in places that fit her description,not in clubs, malls, on the street.

    • I'm really sorry if I came off as a guy who wants a "model" girl. :) I've dated girls who weighed 300 pounds. Looks doesn't seem to be on the list here.

      Also, yeah, you are probably right. I am searhcing in the right areas. But girls aren't hairspray and armpit deodorant. I think they are human beings.

    • you didn't get it.

    • Please dumb it down then. I'm not searching in clubs, streets etc.

  • it's very hard to find a goog guy first of all. Secondly I think that the guys that treat us "unfaithfully" are also the ones that make a move on us.

    • True enough, I ditto that for girls :) I don't know if that second statement is completely accurate as I have made moves, played hard-to-get, been blunt, etc.

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  • because women are emotionally retarded :)

    • Women have feelings, men have guts :)

      Dissing either is like... peeing on a live wire!

  • The reality is you are probably too shy to talk to girls or able to converse with at a reasonable level. Yeah that sounds mean, but to be honest that's the problem with most guys that post on here wondering why girls don't like them (even though they're really the perfect guy).

    • I wish that was the reality. I converse with girls a lot :) By the way, please don't be anonymous; how can I take you seriously? **not in the litteral because this is the internet but the idea**

  • Oh shut up


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