How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating?

Iv been having issues with my boyfriend for about three weeks now about his Facebook. It all started out about him not wanting to have me on it. But yet I can still see what he posts on it. He says he needs space but I don't really see him that much. He gets mad at me for bringing it up and tells me to drop it. But yet I keep catching him commenting other girls on and telling them their pretty or they have nice legs. He goes and hangs out with and he does tell me he chills with them but I don't trust him with them. My brother tells me he seen him dance up on another chick at a party. I confront my boyfriend and he says it's just dancing and means nothing. But all the girls are like always commenting his pictures and always hits on him on Facebook and he comments them back but never bothered to comment mine when I did have him on it. He hardly tells me I'm pretty but gets mad when guys are always hitting on me everyday but I tell them to back off. When I wanna chill with my guy friends he gets concerned and think I'm cheating when I'm not. He tells me he wants to fix our relationship but have yet to see any progress. One day I had my friend pretend to be some really pretty girl and he asked her if she was single and had a boyfriend.I confront him and read the texts sent to me from her and he said he was acting along because he thought I was the one pretending to catch him cheating. Then he tells me he's going to delete his Facebook but hasn't and I don't see why he can't just add me and save him from deleting it. On top of that he has hidden whether he is in a relationship or not. When my friend asked him if he had a girlfriend he refused to answer. I don't know what to do. I feel he's cheating on me.


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  • "But yet I keep catching him commenting other girls on and telling them their pretty or they have nice legs."

    - More than enough of a reason for you to dump his pathetic ass.. Need I say more?

    The answer to your question: You'll never know if he's cheating on you unless he's public about it or unless he explicitly tells you he's cheating.. In which, most cheaters are lieing, manipulative, scum bags, who hide the truth.. So even if you thought he said the truth when he said he didn't cheat on you, you'd then be fooled when you find out he did; and then following that you're going to start developing trust issues which will stick with you through many future relationships... And the other thing is that most "cheaters" won't even say a word until you already know and can call them on their bullsh*t... Why? Well, that's what makes up a cheater.

    You know he's being flirtatious with other women and commenting their BODIES not the detail to their pictures (commenting a bracelet would have been a lot better than commenting on her legs, in my opinion).. So you know he's a perverted little high school that doesn't appreciate his girlfriend.. Aka, it's time for you to move on if you want any sanity left within yourself.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • If he is accusing you of cheating when you are hanging out with your guy friends, its pretty likely that he is cheating. Basically its like saying "I don't trust you because I'm doing exactly that behind your back". If he's not acknowledging you he is probably keeping you in his back pocket, quite happy to play the field because if things mess up with his latest conquest he can crawl back to you. If you have to get a friend to spy on him that's already a pretty clear sign that you don't trust the guy. Time to move on I reckon.

    • This is the concept of "Overts".. If you'd like to look it up you'll see how supermanwearsmypjs is dead on accurate.. The psychological term is called: "Projection".. What faults we have in ourselves we portray on others.. Good stuff man, nice work.

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    • Basically what I'm saying is he won't commit to saying he has a girlfriend because he thinks he might have a shot at the "hot girl" if he is single. If said girl has a boyfriend but "having troubles", he can say he is in the same boat... you see where I'm going with this yet?

    • yes now I see. :'(

  • I don't know if he's cheating on you, but he's certainly not respecting you. If I were you I would ditch this guy and find someone who actually wants to be with you.


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