Will he come back to me?

Sorry, this is gonna be a bit long! So my ex and I broke up two weeks ago. When we got together it was the day he and his ex had broken up after they had been dating for 6 months(we had sort of liked each other while he was dating her), and we weren't dating but we were saying we would in the future. A month or two passed and while we said we weren't officially dating yet, we were acting like it. We were moving WAY too fast, and he never had time to get over his ex, but I didn't think about it because he never mentioned he wasn't over her and acted like he was. We told each other how we really liked each other all the time, and he kept calling me pretty and beautiful.

Then, after not talking to me for a few days, he randomly announced that he and his ex had gotten back together. He said that he really didn't want to hurt me and we had moved too fast, and that he hadn't realized he missed her. I later learned that his ex had contacted him a few days before that and told him she missed him and wanted I'm back and made a huge mistake. He told her that he missed her and then didn't talk to either of us for a few days, trying to decide, and it was really hard for him to decide, but in the end he chose her.

Do you think that when they break up he will come back to me? We don't have any hard feelings against each other, and I kind of suspect that he has some feelings for me. By the way he's acting. Plus, he got back together with her when he still sort of liked me, so I'm guessing there's something still there.

what do I do? How do I let him know that I wouldn't be totally against him coming back without me telling him I like him? (I told him not to come back to me when we broke up) Is there a possibility that if they broke up he might decide he still has feelings for me? Should I try to become friends with him and stay in his life or distance myself so he misses me more? HELP!


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  • This new girl of his is just a temporary rebound. He will come back to you, but you need to give him a little space for about 4 weeks..


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  • Girl, he used you as a back up to try to make him feel better, do really want a guy that will break up with you for an ex? come one now girl, be strong , move on , this doesn't sound like a guy that really cares about females feelings. Drop him like a bad habit and find another .


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