Should I back off a little and she what happens?

OK so I really like this girl and I know she likes me back but she never really seems to show interest for me, when we are together I will ask her questions and stuff about her and she never really asks about me, and when we text I'm the one that starts it 99% of the time. It confuses the hell outta me and if I didn't know she liked me I would think that she wasn't as into me. So girls, should I be more distant and she if she misses me more and wants to maybe text me and stuff on her own or should I just not worry about it? I think there is a possibility that she might be intimidated be me in a way and that's why she is acting so different but I'm not sure, I haven't had good luck with girls in the past so I don't know what's going on really.
Bah, I said "she" in the title instead of see...Im pretty smart eh.
She is also in a relationship right now, long distance. That might help haha. It is a very complicated situation.
Wow, I'm in a worse situation than I thought. I hope your wrong moosh, I will take your advice and lay off though. Thank you.
Why does it keep copying my update every time I refresh the page haha


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  • Also, it's not complicated. You can stop talking to her any time, she is clearly not interested in you and likes having you around as an ego boost. You are both not making wise choices!

    • I meant the situation is complicated. I can stop talking to her anytime but I don't want to loose my friendship with her, can I back off without doing that? I don't see how it would be an ego boost to her either but you could be right. I honestly have been making bad decsions. help me lol

    • It's too late to keep a friendship with her. She is toxic and it's really best that you cut her off completely. Yes, she is using you as an ego boost because you are her number 2 and it's nice for her to have you whenever she wants.

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  • If she is in a relationship then that is a HUGE red flag. Abort right now, please. For your own good, not for hers! Why would you pursue someone who is in a relationship and is the type to cheat on her partner? If she is doing it to him, and let's say MIRACULOUSLY you two get together then it is 99% sure she will cheat on you as well.

    • Well I didn't plan on it at all, it was more like a fate thing, and she says she has never cheated before. Normally I would agree with you, I'm not trying to be more than friends with her, it just happens with her, it is the weirdest thing and blows my mind. Her other half right now is a girl also (she is Bi).

    • Doesn't matter if she has or hasn't cheated before, she is cheating now. You're not trying to be more than friends with her? You're asking a forum why she isn't showing interest in you anymore and you said youve done more than make out with her, doesn't sound like things I do with my guy friends who are in relationships. Again, doesn't matter that her partner is male or female, she is betraying them and you are assisting it! You deserve to be with a woman who will make you her number 1.

  • How do you know for sure she likes you? She might be shy, intimidated, inexperienced with dating, or she might just not be very interested. Is she hanging out with you when you ask her to? Need more details man

    • Becuase I asked her, we are pretty close even know we haven't know each other for a long time. I have done more than make out with her also lol. She doesn't really seem really shy to me but maybe it could be different with me? I think she thinks I'm really hot for some reason. I am more inexperienced than her but I haven't made that clear so I don't know if she knows. It's weird for me becuase I'm not used to getting the girl I'm going for and it happened so smoothly.

    • I would say just to back off for a bit and see if she sends you a text!

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  • lol tbh and straighjt to the point just f*ck it and GTFO. find a new lady and if she's out of her relationship and comes looking for you just make her earn it and not just give her the benefit of the doubt if you get what I mean.( just because you like her doesn't mean you have to make it easy for her too) Girls are weird like that I know. its like they're from pluto and speak chickish and think with their emotions yadda yadd blah blah. simples;)

    • Haha yeah, I was thinking I would do something like that if that happens in the future.

  • How can you be so sure she's interested... so far she sounds not interested. I'm in a similar boat at the moment and I went cold and distant she started texting abit and she usually hangs out with me when I instigate it. Sounds like your in the same boat as I am but your boat has more holes.

    Try easing up abit I'd say see what happens.


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