When exes move on?

When you see them moving on have you at that moment realized you better get them back? made you change your mind?


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  • When a girl dumps me I move on immediately, and no ex has ever changed their minds and tried to come back even though they all said I was a great guy. So I never talk to exes again after a break up because it's better that way. I will not be "just friends" (the friendship ends when there are feelings involved) and I won't put myself in limbo with an ex while they have feelings for someone else and start dating, there's no point in putting my life on hold. Most of the time when there's a break up, there is someone already moving on and it's usually the dumper, so I move on and move forward no matter what. Why chase someone that doesn't want me? Screw playing that Road Runner and Coyote chase game. It's harder for guys because girls are always chased and can have guys whenever they want. It confuses my exes when I won't be "friends" with them. Guys change their minds because of regret and desperation, then there are some people that won't stand to see their ex with someone else.


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  • yes I'm kind of going through that now. I was with my ex almost 6 years. We've been broke up for 2. He's never stopped contacting me. I tried to move on with other guys etc, because he told me we could never work it out. I've been angry/mean towards him for the last year or so, because of this. Recently I found out he had a girlfriend, he didn't tell me. They been together 6 months. When I found out I was hurt of course, plus it was someone I suspected for some time. He said he ran out of options, and was tired of being lonely, and he thought I moved on because of how I always act towards him (mean & angry). I showed no feelings towards him. So when I told him how I really felt, he was mad because he wished he knew how I really felt. So now I'm stuck, sitting here wishing I had him back, and wishing we would have talked about it, rather than said nothing. I say if you want him back, go for it. Best Wishes!

    • We broke up about 2 months ago after having been up and down for a while now.

      I am finally getting over him and trying to move on. Everytime this happens it drives him nuts and he either comes back or calls me all the time. But I think that he is the one that has to come back and really KNOW that's what he wants or else he will leave again if he comes back. Plus we have a baby, two months old.

    • Aww I'm sorry. I know it has to be painful having a baby involved as well. If you guys have been up & down for a while, maybe some time apart is the best thing. I agree that he should come back, but at one point or another YOU have to decide what you want. You love him & I'm sure you want to make it work. Ya'll have to fig out a way to get past the up & down...so you can find happiness. Love is a hard thing! I think you should fight to make it work, or try to let it go.Only you know what's best.Gluck!

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