Girls...would you date a guy that just left his pregnant GF?

. If a guy was interested in you, and you knew he just left a girl that he got pregnant...and they were arguing, would you date him? Knowing that was the situation.

The ex Boyfriend and I are expecting a child. We are in our 30s/40s. He decided he didn't want a relationship with me and thought it would be good to tell me that "he has been seeing two other girls." We have lashed out at each other several times, but now he has his "new GF" involved. He also went to the police department to say I was harassing him but he got in trouble for contacting me also. So he has requested "NO CONTACT" at all from me. That tells me he has completely walked. He also has had his "GF" answer his phone the few times I have called him to talk about the baby. How do I get out of this slump? I know the baby is the most important thing now, but so is my mental stability. Is he just angry or is he truly out of the babies life or is the new Girlfriend the influence here?

I do stay true to my long as he is with the girl he cheated on me with he will never see this baby.


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  • If I found out he cheated while he was dating his girlfriend then I wouldn't give him a chance. Why? If he cheated on her then I believe he will cheat on me. I have been cheated on before, and it is THE worse pain I have ever felt. I refuse to be subjected to it again, and I will go to great lengths to protect myself and my heart.

    In terms of the baby, with all due respect, it takes two. The reality is there is an innocent, unborn child in the picture. Personally, I would not be involved in any way, because I feel it is something between him and the mother. Once the child is born then I will accept he has a child.

    At this point, I think there is a lot of anger and hostility between you both. It's possible the new girlfriend is influencing him but it's also possible she isn't. If anything, he should be his own man and make his own decisions where his child is involved. I think the 'no contact' rule implies he is angry and needs to calm down. For now, I'd give him that space and it sounds like you need it too. Stress isn't going to help you, your baby or this situation. I would focus on your own health, that of the baby and get a lawyer.

    A lawyer will advise you of your rights to the child. In addition, I think he should be responsible for child support. That is something else to consider.

    Perhaps as the time approaches for the birth, he will realize the importance of having a role in his child's life. Now, I cannot tell you what to do personally because it's not my place. However, I think it would be in your child's best interest to put your differences aside with him That child will need stability and two parents. Both of you will be future influences on him or her, and it's important to work together so you can both co-parent. I don't think you want your child to be deprived of having his/her father in his/her life. If you did, there might be a sense of abandonment, anger, guilt, questions etc.

    I know I said a lot here. I guess I want you to look at the whole picture even though your situation is difficult.

    Whatever you do is entirely your choice. Good luck.


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