Urge to text my ex GF

god it is so hard to fight I have kept no contact sence we broke up a little over 2 months ago she broke up with me for being physically clingy too apologetic and moving to fast (I tied us down) she didn't tell me why she was breaking up with me but I know why looking back. She started talking to some new guy 2 weeks after our break up I have no idea if they are still talking. We go to the same college which is small by the way. Heresthe letter I chose not to send to here if you want to get an idea of what happend it is very short.

Hey just wanted to let you know I agreed to the break up a long time ago but was unable to tell you the day of the break up. I gave you a commitment that you could not possibly keep up with. I do not blame you or me for the break up. We both know that basketball, your family, school, and friends is enough already and I don't want to take any of that away from you. People enter and exit our lives but each one has a lesson for us. Everything happens for a reason and I would not take back our time spent together. You taught me a lot and I'm thankful for that. Please don't think I'm mad at you. Hope you’re doing well take care.

Mom said its a bad idea to send it so I didn't


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  • haha yeah that's a familiar feeling...lasted about 6 months actually :P

    but actually your mom's right. just keep waiting with no contact. the longer you go without, the less you'll feel like you need to. think about what the outcomes of this would actually be? it's relieving to tell the ex how you feel and that you've gotten better and just want to heal and all that, but what they actually grasp from that is that you haven't. if you were totally OK, you wouldn't need to talk to her..therefore you wouldn't.

    you know how many notes I wrote to my ex I never sent? probably close to 200. it's now a year and whole other boyfriend later, but if I listened to the right song right now and was in the right mood, I might be tempted to write another even right now. just keep no contact. nothing good will come out of talking when you're not healed yet, and it only keeps the heartbreak open longer. let her go :)

    • yeah I'm not going to contact her. We say hi in the halls but that's it. She was my first real girl friend and now I have to see her for the next 3 years in college which by the way is very small. I still love her and I learned from my mistakes but of course it was to late.

    • yeah o hey that's not bad then, sounds like things are good...er well as good as you'd expect them to be now. in that case if you're on good/speaking terms but not friend terms, and want to be friends, I'd say go with the 'how's it goin?" simple message to catch up for the sake of catching up. that's totally fine and kind of nice..

    • actually I did send her a text two weeks after the breakup saying good luck at your game she responded saying "thankyou :)"

      i could send her asking how she's doing and have a texting conversation but I wonder if that will help settle the dust or bring her closer to me. Also there's the case of the other guy who may or may not still be talking to her. They can be dating for all I know but my friend who also her teammate on the basketball team back in december said she is not looking to be in a rel

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  • Don't send it . . don't even think about wanting to send it . If you happen to cross paths with her keep it cordial a simple hi & BYE will do. Stop keeping tabs on her what she does and whom she does it with no longer concerns you , and as hard as it may seem MOVE ON. Don't do what would be the norm for you if you were 2 much for her , and this your sure of maybe it's time to re evaluate yourself .

    • I wasn't keeping tabs on her her friends told me and I saw them while I was working. We go to a small college.

    • Sorry , but in a sense you are still keeping tabs on her

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  • wow, if you do text her do not send this, start slow like "how are you"

    i have a rule with texting, one subject and question at a time.


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