My ex boyfriend slept with someone else?

We have been texting a lot, and I went out on a night out and kissed someone else, he saw and then kissed another girl. He then told me when we went out again that he slept with her and I got abit upset and ignored him, and he kept trying to talk to me and went "can I explain". I don't know what to do, and I've cut him off from everything, is that the best thing?


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  • He is your EX, and he has no obligation to you. You kissed someone else, and he can do what he wants. Your ego is hurt just because he beat you at your own game. If you really wanted to be with him then you would be. Stop trying to play the victim here, because you were moving on to other guys. Your actions told him that you were over him and that you wanted the guy you were kissing, so he stopped chasing you, went to someone that wanted him, and now you are "hurt" over it. If you were just trying to make him jealous, you're upset that it didn't work. So you can only blame yourself. Stop playing games and listen to what he has to say for a change. If you really want him back, then be with him. It's that damn simple and girls like you always make it so complicated.

    • I know I sound like the biggest hypocrite ever, it's just I didn't expect him to sleep with her. He told one of his friends that he wanted to hurt me. How can I be with him when I have no idea if he feels the same?

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    • No I don't hate girls, I just feel that it's silly to play games. Guys play games too and it shouldn't happen. It's why guys like me weren't given the chance, and then we become "jerks" because that's what many girls are attracted to.

    • It only insecurity, that's why I did it. I've spoke to him and we're fine now, so thankyou.

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  • Your fault you shouldn't have kissed a guy when your in love with another. your effed up. sucks to be with you. he f***ed another chick and had fun. your a disgrace


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  • were you on a break when all this happened? and y were you both kissing everyone else? sounds pretty messed up. and I don't know y you are getting so upset if you yourself kissed some other guy... its not as if he did something really different from urs

    • I think the 'kissing over people' thing is to make each other jealous, it's so stupid because it never works, but when you're drunk it seems like a good idea. He did, he slept with someone, that is a big difference.

    • i don't think its different... you kiss or sleep with someone else... its the trust which breaks... and its hurts the other party bad...

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